Grader positions for my classes.

Availability of grader positions: I have limited grader positions available for my undergraduate and graduate classes.  I usually try to offer these positions to incoming graduate students that I am recruiting to UT or to continuing graduate students who are working with me on research.

Grader hours: Unfortunately, I usually do not know the number of grader hours that are available to me until the beginning of the semester.  Sometimes, sections of undergraduate classes are combined into a single large class for grading, allowing for up to a 20 hour grader position.  Graduate courses typically have only 5 to 10 hours available for grading.

Applying for a grader position: If you are interested in a grader position for a particular course, please send me an email on the first day of the semester.  In your email to me, include several sentences describing why you would make a good grader for the particular course and also attach your resume.  For my graduate classes, I usually try to find someone who has already taken the class.  If you have taken the class before, or taken a similar class before, please mention this in your email.  If you have had other grader or teaching assistant experience, please also mention this in your email.

Grading duties: I typically assign a homework for most weeks of the semester.  Exceptions are the weeks of the mid-terms and the week of Spring break.  As a grader, you are expected to meet deadlines for returning graded homeworks to me so that I can distribute them to the class.  You are also expected to help with putting together some homework solutions and to provide feedback to me about overall class performance on homework problems. 

Deadlines for returning homeworks are often very critical around the time of mid-terms, which may also be when you have tight deadlines.  I expect that you will put grading first in your list of priorities, even if you have mid-terms or pressing assignments to complete for your other classes.  I usually assign a homework that is due in the last week of semester and you will be expected to grade it by the Monday after the last week of the semester so that I can return the homework to the class before the final.

As a grader, you will grade homeworks and I will grade the mid-terms and finals.  However, I expect the grader to add up the mid-term and final scores and to enter homework, mid-term exams, and final exam scores into a spreadsheet.  After the final exam scores are entered, I will need a histogram that summarizes overall student scores so that I can assign course grades.  This means that the grader must be available until at least several days after the final to add up scores, enter them, and finalize the spreadsheet.