Prospective graduate students.

If you are trying to evaluate whether you would like to apply to The University of Texas and work with me:  Please look over some of the recent papers posted on the Recent Papers page of the website.  If you are interested in some of this material, please consider applying for graduate admission to the University of Texas Electrical and Computer Engineering Department to work with me.  

I cannot respond to requests to evaluate your resume:  Please note that I cannot evaluate your resume nor your application until you have formally applied to The University of Texas.  I cannot respond to any request to evaluate you outside of the formal application process.  I generally do not respond to unsolicited emails requesting such evaluations.

Financial support: Also please note that I can generally only offer financial support to one or at most two of the best students admitted each semester.   Unfortunately, there is very little financial support available for incoming international students at The University of Texas; however, I try to make available a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant position for the best incoming students that I recrui,t and I generally try to fund students with a Research Assistantship within a semester or so of entering The University of Texas.