Qualifying exams and Doctoral Committees.

I am extremely honored to serve on qualifying exam committees and dissertation committees. 

However, for me to do a good job, I need adequate time to read the qualifying exam report and dissertations and I can only commit to participating in a relatively small number of qualifying exams and doctoral defenses each semester.  I will only participate in at most five qualifying exams and at most five doctoral defenses each semester.  I will not schedule more than two qualifying exams and doctoral defenses in a given week.  Please refer to the calendar on the website to see exams and defenses that have already been scheduled for this semester.

Moreover, I require four weeks to read any document prior to a qualifying exam or doctoral defense.  Please make sure that you arrange to give me the document at least four weeks in advance of any scheduled exam or defense.  Otherwise, I cannot commit to reading the document.  

I am generally not available to participate in qualifying exams and doctoral defenses during the Summer and Winter breaks, the first and last weeks of each semester, nor on Spring break nor public holidays.

Also, please schedule your qualifying exam or doctoral defense well in advance.  Particularly towards the end of each semester, it is very hard to find blocks of time of duration two hours or more that all members of a committee can attend.  Please allow time to coordinate such scheduling.