EE313 Linear Systems and Signals - Homeworks

Please submit the computer program (e.g. in Matlab or LabVIEW) that you wrote and/or modified to complete each assignment. If the computer program is a modification of computer programs in the Signals and Systems book, then you could choose to report the changes you made to the Matlab code in the book instead of printing out all of the code.

Assignments - To Be Assigned - LabVIEW

Homeworks Assigned

Homeworks To Be Assigned


In this course, you'll make heavy use of either MATLAB or the LabVIEW Mathscript utility to run the code in the textbook. LabVIEW is available free of charge to all UT Austin students, staff and faculty as part of the university site license.

Install LabVIEW. Please install core disk 1 and core disk 2. LabVIEW installation disks are also available from the College of Engineering ITS department on the first floor of ECJ.

The following resources would also be helpful (but not required) in using LabVIEW:

For the Matlab code that comes with the textbook, you can configure the Mathscript interface to use that code as follows:
  1. Copy the .m files into a folder on your computer.
  2. Open the Mathscript window in LabVIEW by going to the Tools menu and select "Mathscript Window" (third entry).
  3. In the Mathscript window, go the File menu and select "LabVIEW MathScript Properties".
  4. Add the folder containing the .m files from the book to the search path.

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