EE313 Linear Systems and Signals - Schedule MWF Format

Week Monday Lecture Wednesday Lecture Friday Lecture
1/15 NONE Introduction System properties
1/22 System property examples System state and differential equations System response
1/29 System response Continuous-time convolution Continuous-time convolution
2/5 Stability and time response System behavior Discrete-time systems
2/12 System response and convolution Unit impulse response Time response
2/19 Stability Convolution demonstrations Laplace transform definition
2/26 Laplace transform properties Midterm #1 TBA
3/5 Solving differential equations Transfer functions System realization
3/19 Frequency response Z-transform definition Z-transform properties
3/26 Difference equations Frequency response Frequency response
4/2 Z and Laplace transforms Midterm #2 ADSL Modems
4/9 Return Midterm #2 Fourier series Fourier transform
4/16 Fourier transform pairs Fourier transform properties LTI system analysis
4/23 Signal distortion and filtering Signal energy Sampling theorem
4/30 Demonstrations and course evaluation TBA

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