Senior Design Projects

Prof. Brian L. Evans

Current Semester - Project Ideas - Past Projects

The senior design project experience consists of two semester courses, EE 364D Introduction to Engineering Design and EE 464 Senior Design Project, taken back-to-back. If you would like me to sponsor or supervise your senior design project, then I would prefer working with you during EE 364D to formulate your project.

Current Semester Projects

Here is a short video promotion of Sound Shield, an intelligent system to transform distracting outside noise into the soothing sounds of nature inside your home. I was the faculty mentor for this project in fall 2015 and spring 2016.

Project Ideas

Design and real-time implementation project ideas: Old design project ideas:

Past Projects

Example past project proposal outlines in reverse chronological order: Example final reports in reverse chronological order: Complete set of written assignments for a completed past project: For reference:

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