Senior Design Projects

Prof. Brian L. Evans

Current Semester - Project Ideas - Past Projects - Deadlines - Supervision or Sponsorship

The senior design project experience consists of two semester courses, EE 364D Introduction to Engineering Design and EE 464 Senior Design Project, taken back-to-back. If you would like me to sponsor or supervise your senior design project, then I would prefer working with you during EE 364D to formulate your project.

Current Semester Projects

I am the faculty sponsor for a senior design project team in fall 2015 and spring 2016.

Project Ideas

Design and real-time implementation project ideas: Other design project ideas: Old design project ideas:

Past Projects

Example past project proposal outlines in reverse chronological order: Example final reports in reverse chronological order: Complete set of written assignments for a completed past project: For reference:


Since September 1, 1996, I have had the privilege of directing more than 100 undergraduate students in Senior Design Projects. I prefer students to define their project by the end of the semester prior to the semester of the Senior Design Project. I will work closely with you in polishing the project proposal outline. Based on experience, it generally takes three drafts of the project proposal outline to make it clear and complete. By formulating the project in advance, you can get a head start in collecting and reading background material over the break before the semester begins.

Supervision or Sponsorship

There are two levels of involvement from a faculty member: supervision and sponsorship. Supervision would involve regular interaction with the faculty member, e.g. bi-weekly meetings. As a sponsor, however, the faculty member would only help the senior design team define and start the project. I will generally supervise senior design project students when their projects directly relate to the projects that my graduate students are doing:

Otherwise, I will choose to sponsor student design teams.

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