EE445S Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Lab - Matlab Help

Some of the problems will require to use a computer tool, such as Matlab, to solve it. You either use the Matlab program itself, or use the Mathscript functionality in LabVIEW, or GNU Octave. The Mathscript functionality in LabVIEW implements core functions in Matlab and a few signal processing functions. These functions will be almost all you'll need for the lecture and lab components for this course. For GNU Octave, please see the footnote on page viii of the JSK book.

Please see locally developed materials to help you use Matlab in EE 445S:

Here are excellent Matlab tutorials:

The following Matlab book might be a useful reference:

Please add the Matlab functions and scripts that come with the Software Receiver Design textbook on your Matlab search path. The files are available from SRD - MatlabFiles directory in the CD ROM. A free utility to extract the contents of the CD ROM zip file is available at

To add a directory of Matlab functions to the Matlab search path, please use

The directory would be enclosed in single quotes, e.g.
addpath('C:\Documents and Settings\SANL\My Documents\SRD-MatlabFiles');
See help path for more information.

The following additional Matlab commands may be useful:

To use Matlab remotely on a Linux workstation, you will need to install

When running PuTTY within X windows, it is helpful to enable forwarding of X windows settings.

Linux workstations available for remote login

Once logged into a remote workstation, here are the commands to run Matlab:

module load matlab
matlab &

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