EE 445S Real-Time DSP Lab: C6748 Component


The laboratory exercises are based on the following book

Thad B. Welch, Cameron H. G. Wright and Michael G. Morrow, Real-Time Digital Signal Processing from MATLAB to C with the TMS320C6x DSPs, CRC Press, 2nd ed., Jan. 2012, ISBN 978-1439883037.

and use the Zoom OMAP L-138 (C6748) Experimenter's Kit. As of June 2012, the retail price for the Zoom PMAP L-138 DSP Experimenter's Kit was $495.

To support the winDSK software, a connection to the RS232 port on the DSP board is needed from a PC/laptop either by using an RS232 cable or by using a USB to Serial Convert Cable (DB9M / USB A Male) - 3 feet and a DB9 F/DB9 F, Molded Gender Changer.

Individual Instructions for Each Laboratory Exercise

Lab 1. Overview of the Hardware and Software Tools

Lab 2. Generating Cosine and Sine Waves

Lab 3. Digital Filters

Lab 4. Pseudo-Random Binary Sequences and Data Scramblers

Lab 5. Digital Data Transmission by Baseband Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM)

Lab 6. Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Transmission

Lab 7. QAM Reception

Format of Lab

Each laboratory section meets three hours per week. Pre-laboratory quizzes are required for laboratories 2-6, and they are to be completed individually without help from anyone. For laboratory 1, the experiment and written report are to be completed individually. For laboratories 2-6, the experiment and report are to be completed in a team of two. For laboratory 7, which is optional, the experiment and oral report are to be completed individually. The format of the written lab report is described with each lab assignment.

Grading of Programs