Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Transceiver Design

Prof. Brian L. Evans
The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX USA

Key Graduated Ph.D. Students: Dr. Güner Arslan (now at ST-Ericsson), Dr. Aditya Chopra (now at National Instruments), Dr. Ming Ding (now at Broadcom), Dr. Biao Lu (now at OpenSpirit), Dr. Milos Milosevic (now at Schlumberger), and Dr. Ian Wong (now at National Instruments)

Key Graduated MS Students: Mr. Alex G. Olson (now at Schlumberger)

Key Graduated Undergraduate Students: Mr. Wade Berglund, Mr. Jerel Canales, Mr. Elmustafa Erwa, Mr. Ricardo R. Garcia, Mr. Alvin Leung, Mr. David Love, Mr. Ketan Mandke, Mr. Scott Margo, Ms. Esther Resendiz, and Mr. Jeff Wu

Other Key Collaborators: Dr. Lloyd D. Clark (TICOM Geomatics), Prof. C. Richard Johnson (Cornell University), Dr. Takao Inoue (National Instruments), Prof. Sayfe Kiaei (ASU), Prof. Rick Martin (Air Force Institute of Technology), Dr. Lucio Pessoa (Freescale Semiconductor), and Dr. Arthur Redfern (Texas Instruments)

This project was supported by gifts and equipment donations from the Motorola Semiconductor Product Sector (now Freescale Semiconductor) from 2000-2002, and a grant from The State of Texas Advanced Techology Program under contract 003658-0614-2001 for 2002-2004. Additional support came from gift funding from an anonymous donor 2003-2005, and a contract from an oil & gas exploration company 2006-2010.

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