Freely Distributable Software Releases

  1. Vishal Monga, Niranjan Damera-Venkata, Hamood Rehman, and Brian L. Evans, Halftoning Toolbox for Matlab. Version 1.2 released July 25, 2005.

  2. Mark Schulze, "Image Halftoning Applet", which implements halftoning methods reported in Robert Ulichney's 1987 book entitled Digital Halftoning. Most recent version released July 2003.

  3. Niranjan Damera-Venkata and Brian L. Evans, Image Quality Assessment. Matlab files to compute linear and nonlinear quality measures when comparing an original to a processed image. This software package works for a wider class of image processing methods than halftoning methods. Version 1.0 released April 28, 2001.

  4. Thomas D. Kite, Niranjan Damera-Venkata, and Brian L. Evans, Fast Inverse Halftoning Algorithms. Contains two fast inverse halftoning algorithms in C. Version 1.0 released June 21, 1998.

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