Multi-Antenna Communcations

Prof. Brian L. Evans
The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX USA

Key Current UT Austin PhD Students: Mr. Jinseok Choi, Mr. Faris Mismar and Mr. Junmo Sung

Key Graduated UT Austin PhD Students: Dr. Aditya Chopra (now at AT&T Research Labs), Dr. Marcel Nassar (now at Intel), Dr. Karl Nieman (now at National Instruments), Dr. Zukang Shen (now at Huawei) and Dr. Murat Torlak (now at UT Dallas)

Other Key Collaborators: Prof. Jeffrey Andrews (UT Austin), Dr. Runhua Chen (Datang Mobile), Dr. Alan Gatherer (Huawei), Prof. Robert Heath (UT Austin), Dr. Gilwon Lee (Intel), and Mr. Jeonghun Park (UT Austin)

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