Sensing and Mitigating Interference in Wireless Communication Systems

Prof. Brian L. Evans
The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX USA

Key Current PhD Students: Ms. Ghadi Sebaali and Mr. Junmo Sung

Graduated PhD Students: Dr. Aditya Chopra (National Instruments), Dr. Kapil Gulati (Qualcomm R&D), Dr. Jing Lin (Qualcomm) Dr. Marcel Nassar (Samsung) and Dr. Karl Nieman (National Instruments)

Past Undergraduate Students: Mr. Navid Aghasadeghi, Mr. Nnaemeka Ben Okafor, and Mr. Arvind Sujeeth

Recent presentation on "Radio Frequency Interference Sensing and Mitigation in Wireless Receivers", on April 12, 2010.

This project was supported by funding and equipment donations by Intel Labs from 2007-2011 and National Instruments 2010-2013. This project is also being supported by Semiconductor Research Corporation under SRC GRC Task 1836.063 with liaisons Freescale Semiconductor, IBM and Texas Instruments.

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