Special Session on DSP Education

IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing

chaired by

Prof. Roberto H. Bamberger, Washington State University, bamberg@eecs.wsu.edu

Dr. Brian L. Evans, University of California at Berkeley, bevans@ece.utexas.edu

Wednesday morning, May 8, 1996

Papers 1 and 2 deal with introducing students to Electrical Engineering by way of digital systems. Papers 2-5 are concerned with the use of Internet as a key medium in the educational process. Papers 6 and 7 discuss multidisciplinary approaches to DSP. Papers 8, 9, and 10 describe particular software environments for computer-based instruction and laboratories. There will be additional time for demonstrations at the break and after the session.

  1. "Real-Time DSP for Sophomores"
    Ken H. Chiang, Brian L. Evans, William T. Huang, Edward A. Lee, David G. Messerschmitt, and Shankar S. Sastry
    University of California at Berkeley
    Corresponding Author: Brian L. Evans

  2. "Multi-Media and World Wide Web Resources for Teaching DSP"
    James H. McClellan, Georgia Institute of Technology, Ronald W. Schafer, Georgia Institute of Technology, Jeffrey B. Schodorf, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Mark A. Yoder, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
    Corresponding Author: James McClellan

  3. "Developing Internet-based VHDL Course Material"
    J. Scott Calhoun, Mississippi State University
    Corresponding Author: J. Scott Calhoun

  4. "Distance Teaming Experiments in Undergraduate DSP Education"
    Delores M. Etter, University of Colorado, Geoffrey C. Orsak, George Mason University, and Don H. Johnson, Rice University
    Corresponding Author: Delores Etter

  5. "A System Characterization/Identification Laboratory Tool for Internet"
    Simon Chatfield, Douglas Cochran, Michael Sadaka, and Dana Sinno
    Arizona State University
    Corresponding Author: Douglas Cochran

  6. "The Telecomputing Laboratory: A Multipurpose Facility Used in DSP Education at University of Oklahoma"
    by V. DeBrunner, Victor DeBrunner, Linda DeBrunner, Sridhar Radhakrishnan, and Kamal Khan
    The University of Oklahoma
    Corresponding Author: Victor DeBrunner

  7. "An Integrated Environment for Modeling, Simulation, Digital Signal Processing and Control"
    Richard J. Kozick and Curtis C. Crane, Bucknell University
    Corresponding Author: Richard Kozick

  8. "SPECTRA- A Hands-On DSP Learning Experience"
    Fred Taylor, University of Florida, Jon Mellott, University of Florida, and Michael Lewis, The Athena Group
    Corresponding Author: Michael Lewis

  9. "A Laboratory Course for Designing and Testing Spoken Dialogue Systems"
    Don Colton, Ron Cole, David Novick and Stephen Sutton, Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology
    Corresponding Author: Don Colton

  10. "A MATLAB Software Tool for the Introduction of Speech Coding Fundamentals in a DSP Course"
    E. Painter and Andreas Spanias, Arizona State University
    Corresponding Author: Andreas Spanias