Post doc position available: I am looking for a post doc to work on any one of several exciting topics in the intersection of optimization, networks, statistics and learning.

Graduate Student RA Position:

A motivated graduate student is sought to join a team working on Robust Foveated Encoding. Led by Professors Al Bovik and Constantine Caramanis, in close collaboration with 21st Century Technologies, the goal of this project is to create an advanced video compression system for highly unreliable tactical networks. This project will use foveated (variable-resolution) video coding to reduce data volume while maintaining operational effectiveness, enabling a superior compression ratio. It will involve developing novel optimization-theory-driven distributed coding schemes to provide robustness and graceful degradation under packet loss. The algorithms developed must be optimized using novel perception-driven video quality metrics.

If you are interested in the project description, have a strong knowledge (or are willing to learn) signal and image processing and optimization, please contact Prof. Al Bovik or Prof. Constantine Caramanis.

The student must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Prospective Graduate Student RAs:

Although I am not currently actively seeking new graduate students, generally I am always on the lookout for motivated graduate students with a strong mathematical background. If you think you might be interested in working with me, come by my office. Most often, I take students that I have already worked with for a semester, or students that have taken one of my graduate classes.

Undegraduate Students:

I am looking for undergraduate students interested in doing senior design projects in the general area of energy and efficiency (including renewable energy and conservation) using tools from communications and wireless, and data-driven algorithms.