Constantine Caramanis


I am an Associate Professor in the ECE department of The University of Texas at Austin. I received a PhD in EECS from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS), and an AB in Mathematics from Harvard University. I received the NSF CAREER award in 2011.

My current research interests focus on decision-making in large-scale complex systems, with a focus on learning and computation. Specifically, I am interested in robust and adaptable optimization, high dimensional statistics and machine learning, and applications to large-scale networks, including social networks, wireless networks, transportation networks, and energy networks. I also work on applications of machine learning and optimization to computer-aided design.

News and Announcements

Undergraduate Machine Learning Club: UT ECE now has a machine learning club! The first meeting will take place soon. If you are interested, please see here for more.

Apply for a Simons Post Doc position: We are looking for our new batch of Simons Post Docs. The areas of interest are diverse, including networks, learning, optimization, stochastics, communication, and beyond.


Spring 2019 -- Large Scale and Convex Optimization (EE381K)

Spring 2018 -- Data Science Lab (EE379K)

Fall 2017 -- Large Scale and Convex Optimization (EE381K)

Spring 2017 -- Data Science Lab (EE372K -- w/ Alex Dimakis)

Fall 2016 -- Large Scale and Convex Optimization (EE381K)

Fall 2016 -- Data Science Lab (EE372K -- w/ Alex Dimakis)

Spring 2016 -- Large Scale Machine Learning (w/ Alex Dimakis)

Spring 2016 -- Introduction to Feedback Control (EE362K)

Fall 2015 -- Large Scale and Convex Optimization

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014: On leave - Large Scale Lin Alg @ Technion

Spring 2013 -- Large Scale Optimization and Learning Part II: Machine Learning (EE381V)

Fall 2012 -- Large Scale Optimization and Learning Part I: Convex Optimization (EE381V)

Fall 2011 -- Convex Analysis and Optimization (EE381V-11)


Chronological order -- complete list

Optimization and Applications

Machine Learning, Statistics and Applications

Wireless Networks

Other Engineering Applications


Eirini Asteri (co-advised with Alex Dimakis and Evdokia Nikolova)

Jessica Hoffmann

Kiyeon Jeon

Ashish Katiyar

Tianyang Li

Liu Liu

Srilakshmi Pattabiraman

Wang Ye (co-advised with Michael Orshansky)

Post Docs and Visitors

Anastasios Kyrillidis


Yudong Chen: Assistant Professor at Cornell ORIE

Doug Fearing (with C. Barnhart, MIT): Asst Prof., UT Austin B. School

Amin Abdel-Khalek (co-advised with Robert Heath): Freescale

Harish Ganapathy: Google

Aditya Gopalan (with Sanjay Shakkottai): Asst. Prof., Ind. Inst. of Sci.

Ken’ichi Kamada -- Visiting Scientist from Yokogawa Co.

Ioannis Mitliagkas (with Sriram Vishwanath): Asst Prof., U. Montreal

Zrinka Puljiz (co-advised with Sanjay Shakkottai): Google

Ashish Singh (with Michael Orshansky): Terra Technology

Joe Neeman (with Sujay Sanghavi): Asst Prof., UT Austin, Math

Dohyung Park (co-advised with Sujay Sanghavi): Facebook

Huan Xu (with D. Morton): Asst Prof., Georgia Tech, ISyE Dept.

Qiaoyang Ye (with Jeff Andrews): Intel

Xinyang Yi: Google

Sungho Yun: ASSIA inc.

Undergraduate Student Projects

RideShare: A senior design project by Yoni Ben-Meshulam, Garrett Cooper, Derrick Huhn, and Patrick Lowry.

Prospective Students

Interested in machine learning / statistics / optimization? Apply to the DICE track (formerly CommNetS) under ECE at UT Austin.

I am always on the lookout for motivated graduate students with a strong mathematical background and interested in theory. I am also looking for students with experience or interest in working with large scale systems -- in particular, large scale data and learning problems, and large-scale optimization.

I am looking for undergraduate students interested in doing senior design projects in the general area of energy and efficiency (including renewable energy and conservation) using tools from Machine Learning, Communications/Wireless, and Algorithms.

Brief Biography and Interests



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