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Repeated Global Computation

Figure: A message sequence for repeated computation of a function
\begin{tabular}{\vert l l l l \vert}
Time & ...
...3 & 4,5 $\rightarrow$ 2 & 6 \ \hline

Figure: Overlapping trees that determine message sequences

Figure: The function $next$
...> {\bf endif};\\
\>\> \\
\>\> {\bf return}($x'$);

Figure: Node groups and transitions

Figure: Node labels generated by next. Original in-order labels are shown inside the nodes.
<tex2html_file> ...

Figure: Distributed branch-and-bound algorithm
\>\> {\bf end}; \\
\> {\bf endfor};\\

Vijay K. Garg 2005-02-08