Distributed Program Simulator Help

Start the execution of a program:

Select the program from the displayed list  and click  Start.  That's it  !!
You should see a new java applet window. If it does not work confirm that you have Java SDK 1.4 or later and your browser is java enabled ( click here for the latest version of mozilla).

Use the simulator to run a program:

The main white area contains circles, with each circle representing one of the distributed processes or nodes. The circles are filled with colors depending on the state of that process.

To select a node click on that node and the node will be displayed with a bold outline. In the figure above node 3 is selected. Once a node is selected the displayed  variables for that node appear in the right top box of the window.  Hence the variable myState has a value 0 at node 3. The bottom right text box displays a history of all message transmissions in the system. The tool bar above the white area displays the functions which can be invoked on the selected node. Therefore to invoke requestCS on node 3 click on node 3 and then on the requestCS toolbar button.
Messages are shown with (multicolored) directed lines.

To switch to  the process trace view simply click on the Process Trace button (right center of the screen).

The Process Trace:

Process Trace

The process trace automatically displays the system process trace. The interface is user responsive and clicking on a process line will select that process. The functionality is similar to the main interface described above.

To go back to the node view, click on Hide Process Trace.


Documentation on using the simulator for your programs will be posted soon.