Vijay K. Garg Summer 2015
EE w382V: Multicore Computing

Instructor: Prof. Vijay K. Garg ; Office: ACE 5.436
Phone: (512) 471-9424 ; email:; Office Hours: Thursday 11:00 - 12:00; or by appointment

TA: Wei-Lun Hung; Office: ACE 5.432
Phone: (512) 660-3468 ; email: ; Office Hours: T Th 10:30-11:30 (via google hangout:

Unique Number for wEE 382V : 77073
Class Meeting Days: June 13 (8am - 5pm), June 19 - 20 (8am - 12pm), June 26 - 27 (8am - 12pm), July 10 - 11 (8am - 12pm), August 7 - 8 (8am - 12pm)
Course Contents: There has been a radical shift in computers in recent years. Almost all computers are now multicore. Since the speed of individual sequential processor is not increasing, the only way to improve performance for applications is to harness the multiple cores. In this course we will look at the challenges and techniques in programming these systems. The course will expose students to theoretical as well as practical aspects of designing multicore software systems. It assumes that the student has undergraduate level knowledge of programming, data structures, operating systems, computer architecture, and algorithms. Following topics will be covered in the course: Grading: 25 % Assignments, 15 % Exam 1 (in class), 15 % Exam 2 (in class), 5 % Class Presentation, 20 % Term paper, 20 % Exam 3 (in class)

Course Material: Textbook : Concurrent and Distributed Computing in Java by Vijay K. Garg, Wiley & Sons, 2004.
The book will be supplemented with notes provided by the instructor.
Additional Reference Book: The Art of Multiprocessor Programming, by Herlihy and Shavit, Morgan-Kaufmann Elsevier 2012, (corrected-edition).

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