System-on-a-Chip (SoC) Design

EE382V, Fall 2014

Class Project

Due: December 11, 2014




1       Project Description 

The class will be assigned to teams to do the various components of an industry-strength system design. The intent of the project is to do a HW/SW co-design of an embedded SoC. The design is a low power SOC implementation of the public domain DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) software implementation.  The platform will consist of an ARM processor, memory components, custom hardware accelerators etc. The ARM processor was chosen because it is used for a majority of the components developed for the target market. The teams will be given a market requirements document (MRD) and will then generate a product requirements document (PRD) which will be used to complete the implementation of the DRM design.

The project activities include:

The main tasks for the final part of the project are as follows:


2       Market Requirements Document (MRD)

The MRD for the DRM Receiver is derived from a combination of specifications for a PC based implementation and from an integrated circuit developed at Texas Instruments.

Specifically, the cost metrics for the project are:

-   Real-time operation

-   Utilize no more than 25% of a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 running at 667MHz

-   0.5mm² for accelerators

-   On board memory TBD

-   Additional system power for accelerators < 8mW


3       Product Requirements Document (PRD)

Some PRD examples:


4       Prototyping Board

We are using an ARM- and FPGA-based development board for prototyping our ASIC SoC design: