Embedded System Design and Modeling

EE382V, Unique: 17303
Semester: Spring 2014


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Additional references and documents are available for download on in the Course Documents section of Blackboard.



  1. SpecC Environment Setup instructions
  2. SpecC Language Reference Manual, Version 2.0
  3. SpecC Modeling Guidelines
  4. Debugging and Tracing of SpecC Designs
  5. System-On-Chip Environment (SCE) Setup instructions
  6. System-On-Chip Environment (SCE Version 2.2.0 Beta): Tutorial
  7. SCE Specification Model Reference Manual
  8. Design of a MP3 Decoder using the System-On-Chip Environment (SCE)
  9. SystemC Environment Setup instructions
  10. A SystemC Quick Reference card and a SystemC Quick Reference Guide
  11. IEEE Standard SystemC® Language Reference Manual
  12. SystemC Training from Doulos (includes a brief SystemC Tutorial)
  13. SystemC 2.0 Tutorial with emphasis on new features in Version 2.0 of the language
  14. Online SystemC Training Course from Forte Design Systems (makers of hardware synthesis tools)
  15. Another SystemC Tutorial: Part 1 and Part 2
  16. OSCI SystemC TLM-2.0 Standards
  17. TLM-2.0 in Action online video tutorial
  18. Getting Started with SystemC TLM-2.0 from Doulos


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