Jon Tamir, PhD
Assistant Professor
ECE, UT Austin

EER 7.872
2501 Speedway, Austin, TX 78712

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I am an assistant professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin, with an appointment in the Department of Diagnostic Medicine at the Dell Medical School. I received my PhD from UC Berkeley in 2018 and continued as a research associate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. My research focus spans computational magnetic resonance imaging, signal processing, and machine learning. I am primarily interested in applying advanced imaging and reconstruction techniques to pediatric MRI, with the goal of enabling real clinical adoption.

From May 2018 December 2019, I was a part-time research scientist at Subtle Medical.

In Winter 2016, I was a visiting scientist at GE Healthcare Israel, working with Yuval Zur. In Summer 2015 I interned at Arterys. Some time before that I interned at National Instruments. And way before that I interned at Centaur Technology.

I got my undergaduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at UT Austin.

UT Computational Sensing and Imaging Lab

Current students:
* Marius Arvinte
* Ali Lotfi
* Kalina Slavkova
* Brett Levac
* Sidharth Kumar
* Viraj Wadwha * Justin Lewis

* Somnath Rakshit (MS iSchool)
* Michael Wilmanski (MS ECE)

Other collaborators:
* Miki Lustig, UC Berkeley
* Martin Uecker, Goettingen
* Shreyas Vasanawala, Stanford
* Michael Kellman, UCSF
* Efrat Shimron, UC Berkeley
* Sid Iyer, MIT

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