EE 313 – Linear Systems and Signals

Spring 2020

Course description

EE 313 builds a mathematical foundation for analyzing signals and systems in a wide variety of applications, including speech, audio, image and video processing as well as communications and control systems.
Topics include representation of signals and systems, system properties, sampling, Laplace and z-transforms, transfer functions, frequency responses, convolution, stability, Fourier transform, feedback, and control applications, as well as computer analysis using MATLAB and Python.
EE 313 feeds into several ECE specializations, including Data Science & Machine Learning, Energy Systems & Renewable Energy, and Communications, Networks & Systems.

Course info

The course will consist of lectures on the board as well as Matlab/Python live demos. The course will follow the text,

Oppenheim and Willsky, Signals and Systems (2nd Edition),
Prentice Hall; 2 edition (August 1996) ISBN 0138147574

The book is optional but strongly recommended

Stay tuned for additional updates as the semester gets closer

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