Prof. Alexis Kwasinski
Hurricane Gustav

Some typical damage from Gustav: a fallen pole in Baton Rouge.

This is the area where I found the most significant damage, near Plaquemine.

This photo is roughly accross the Mississippi river from the previous one. In this area there was some significant damage to transmission lines (this is one of them). I believe the damage was caused for one or more tornados spun by Gustav.

Willow Glen Power Plant is in the background. The levee protecting this area from the Mississippi River is on the left (when I took this phot I was, actually, below the Mississippi River water level).

Left: a destroyed transformer. Right: repairs to a medium-voltage line.

A common failure mode: branches and fallen trees bringing down power lines.

Some damage primarely to telecom outside plant

Interesting: if this CO has its own generator (inside on the left) why did they need to deploy such an additional generator? Moreover, why was the emergency air-conditioning system necessary.


Another DLC co-located with a base station

Two more DLCs

A couple of cell sites. The damage to the structures was caused by Katrina but the debris was Ike.

Interesting (and unsafe to say the least) power backup solution in a pole-mounted CATV amplifier.

I find this picture interesting because it clearly shows New Orleans' geographical location below the sorrounding water level. In the picture New Orleans is in the background.

A Blackhawk helicopter taking off from a staging area near Baton Rouge.

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