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Hurricane Ike

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This page has some sample images of the damage caused to telecommunications ingrastructure.

This cell site and the DLC in the foreground were destroyed. The arrow indicates the storm surge height, clearly above the equipment level.

Another photo of the same cell site

One cell site very well constructed that escaped damage. Still one of the base stations may have lost service due to lack of power because it doesn't have a fixed generator.

This cell site escaped major damage.

An AT&T cow and the Sun.

This DLC lost service because the genset failed.

A DLC covered in debris.

Some more pictures of DLCs with small gensets. The DLC on the right was a temporary installation.

  A destroyed DLC.

Cameron communications remote switch (likely damaged).

AT&T Sherwood's central office (destroyed).

AT&T's Sabine's CO. The old building flooded by Rita was destroyed by Ike. The DLC installed after Rita was also destroyed.

One of many destroyed service area interfaces (SAIs)

Another destroyed SAI with line multiplexers also destroyed.

Another destoyed SAI.

A CATV remote terminal destoyed.

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