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Research at the excellence level of The University of Texas at Austin is highly competitive. For this reason research support is limited, and granted and maintained on a merit-based system. So here there are some comments for both prospective and current students about my research group:

Prospective students:
I typically receive a few email messages a day from students around the world asking for positions availability. The few messages a day add up to several hundred a year. Unfortunately, I am not able to answer all of these messages so I only answer the ones that show something significantly distinctive. Thus, my advice when writing a message is to clearly emphasize which specific aspect of my research you are interested in, and what are your top 3 facts relevant to conducting research with me. Reading other authors papers and my publications may help you understand whether or not my research will match your interests. If you are interested in my research, please submit your application to The University of Texas at Austin. In addition, I very rarely provide support to students until I have evaluated their potential and skill while working with me for at least one semester.
I am currently seeking students with background in power electronics and power systems, and with strong and verifiable math knowledge, particularly in statistical and probabilistic analysis.

Current students:

You need to consider that working as a TA or RA is like any other job, and that job has duties to fulfill. Students are expected to conduct research in either of the two positions. At the beginning of the semester, I meet with all students working with me and we fill out a form in which a schedule with short term and long term goals is set. At every milestone I will evaluate the student performance. In addition to funds availability, maintaining or obtaining financial support will highly depend on whether or not the student is able to meet his/her goals and the quality of his/her work. In addition, the student is expected to maintain a good standing in his/her coursework and to advance in his/her studies.

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