Mattan Erez - Teaching


As an academic, I am eager to teach and exchange knowledge with students and colleagues. Sharing ideas is for me an integral part of doing research, as teaching and research mutually enrich each other. My philosophy is that conveying concepts and training students to reason about them are as important as teaching practical skills and information. To achieve these goals it is important to keep the students engaged, motivated, and open-minded, and I do so through a combination of lectures, class discussions, and group projects. My focus is on a whole-system view, since understanding the interactions between system components are the basis of engineering in general and computer architecture in particular.

UT Austin


  • EE482C - Advanced Computer Organization: Stream Processing, Stanford University, Spring 2002 (co-taught with Professor William J. Dally).
  • EE482A - Advanced Computer Organization: Processor Architecure, Stanford University, Spring 2000 (co-taught with Professor William J. Dally).