Programming and Debugging in LC-2 - Windows version

Where to find the LC-2 Simulator

How to write your programs

First, go to the directory containing the LC-2 simulator. There should be a program named in that directory. Double click on the icon for that program. A window in which you will write your program will open. You can start writing your program in this window.

How to Run the LC-2 Simulator

Go to the directory containing the LC-2 simulator and click on the icon. This will open up two windows. One is the "LC2 Console" which displays important messages. The other is the "LC2 Simulator" where you will be running your programs. The "LC2 Simulator" window shows the state of the memory and registers. When you first open up the simulator, the memory and registers will be all zeroed out (except for the PC). You need to load your program into the memory to be able to run it.