How to Submit your Programs

Web Based Submission
You will not use the Windows based submission program for the remaining programming assignments.
The only accepted submission procedure is explained below. This is a simpler submission process.

If you enter the correct information and still receive an error stating that you have entered the
wrong login/ssn pair, please email: so we can update our records.

NOTE: You may submit multiple times, and each time your previous submission will be overwritten.
Again, please attempt to submit a test file as soon as you read these directions. If you encounter
a problem, please email your TA.

For Lab 2, you should submit a machine code text with/without comments.
For Labs 3,4,5 you should submit assembly code text with comments.

Follow these steps.

  1. Go to the following link : Submission Web Page
  2. Type in your ECE login name. (All ECE login names are accepted, including those with hyphens)
  3. Type in the last four digits of your social security number.
    If you do not have a social security number, type in the last four digits of your student ID number
  4. Paste your program into the web form exactly as you would enter it into the LC-2 Editor.
  5. Click the "submit" button
  6. You will receive immediate confirmation of your submission. If your program is accepted, you will also receive a confirmation email.
  7. Read your ECE email to check for the confirmation that your program has been received correctly.
  8. If you don't get a confirmation after 10 minutes, email your TA.
You are done!