Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin

EE 360N, Spring 2003
Submission Instructions for Lab Assignment 2
Due: 23 February 2003, 11:59 pm

You must use the following naming convention for the files in Lab 2.

You may not submit more than five files for Lab 2.


  • Please confirm that your file compiles by running gcc -ansi assembler.c on any ECE linux machine ( before submitting your program.
    Before the deadline, you may resubmit any of the files without penalty. Every time you resubmit a file, the original file is overwritten.
    Instructions for submission:
    1. SSH into tick with the following command:

    2. After typing your username and password, submit your files with the
      following command:

      submit-ee360n lc3bsim.c ucode dumpsim1 dumpsim2 dumpsim3

    3. You may check the files submitted with the following command:

      submit-ee360n -ls

    NOTE: Currently the submit script works only on tick. We are working to make it available on the other unix machines also.