A student writes:

     Dr Patt,
       As I looked over my grading results for programming assignment 4,
     I saw no invalid attempts. Was this just a coincidence with my program,
     or did no one receive any invalid entry attempts on their program
     grade? Or were the invalid entry attempts simply not included in the
     email, and the grading was more extensive than I saw? I'm sorry, but
     it seems unfair to spend so much time and effort going over my program
     a countless number of times making sure that it would deny ANY invalid
     entry attempts, just to find out that none were even tried. Please let
     me know and clarify this for me, I'd really appreciate it.

     Thanks so much,
     << name withheld to protect (one in need of sleep)AND(NOT(prof OR TA))>>

     P.S. I'm glad your class is just about over, my body is anxious
     to find out what sleep feels like again! :) 

I just looked at the result file that Linda sent you and it lists for each test case the number of invalid inputs tried. For 8 of the 10 of them, this number was non-zero. On your result file, you correctly identified each of those invalid entries, and received 100% for that. So, I do not understand what the problem is.

Meanwhile, I trust you read the explanation of the result file, which as Linda explained in her email, is on the course web page, under Programming Lab Assignments.

What am I missing?

Yale Patt