A student is preparing for turning in the first problem set, and he writes:

       Is there any specific format you would like our homework
       when it is turned in?
       (Ex. One question per page, typed up...)

       << name withheld to protect the... >> 

No specific format on homework, since the grader, TA, or I will be reading it. And, we humans can adjust.

Programming labs are a different matter. There, there will be specific format requirements, because we are going to ask the computer to help us with the grading. But, you will have those details before the first program is turned in.

HOWEVER, it is very important to make everything legible and clear. If we have trouble reading what you write, then we cannot evaluate it. We cannot give a non-zero grade for something we have trouble reading.

AND, be sure the name of one of the TAs, and the section unique id is on the front page, along with the names of everyone in the study group who is to get credit for the problem set. The problem set will be returned to you in discussion section, and we need to know which discussion section you want it returned in.

Good luck,

Yale Patt