A student writes:

     Hello Dr. Patt.

     Could you tell me what is allowed to bring for the test?  
     Self made formula sheet, handouts, calculator, etc.? 

You may bring in three sheets of paper in your own handwriting. These sheets can be as big as you wish. You may not bring into the exam anything else, other than pens/pencils, erasers, and most importantly an alert and well rested brain. No calculators, no cell phones, no handouts. If you happen to have a cell phone in your pocket, that is fine so long as (a) it does not come out of your pocket and (b) it is turned off. If it were to ring during the exam, it would distract you and others trying to concentrate.

     I saw example test from Fall 2003.  It had instruction list,

I did not teach the course in Fall 2003.

     state machine, data path, etc. but is there any chance of
     having Table C.1 and C.2 on Appendix C?

Any tables that we think you will need to do the problems on the exam will be provided to you as part of the exam.


Good luck on the exam.

Yale Patt

     Thank you,

     << name withheld >>