A student writes:

     Dr. Patt,

     I've probably been told this before and just forgot
     but I was wondering if you
     could tell me what chapters the test will be over.
     Will it be over everything
     we've covered through tomorrow? Chapters 1-?.
     I'm in the process of going
     through the text a second time and I don't know where to stop.


     << name withheld to protect one who does not want to read extra chapters >>

The first exam will cover everything we have covered through last Wednesday. So, certainly everything in the first four chapters, plus some of chapter 5 and some of chapter 6.

The stuff we do in class on Monday will not intentionally be covered on the first exam, but my guess is that that stuff will reinforce what we went over last week, so it will end up being helpful to your understanding. However, detailed stuff that we discuss for the first time on Monday will be saved for the 2nd exam and the final. ...and probably every course you take between now and graduation and beyond!

As for going through the book a second time or third time, or ...., I would say you should first go over your notes to see what we talked about, then read the book for the purpose of deeper understanding of the concepts. Unfortunately, I only have less than 1 1/2 hours twice a week with you, so (as I told you the first day of class), I can not "cover" the material. What I try to do is explain what I think is the crux of the most important concepts. The book and the discussion sections and the TAs and your study group will have to do the rest.

Good luck on the first exam, and with the rest of the course.

Yale Patt