A student writes:

     Dr Patt,

     I read the email that laid out what all we can bring we can bring 
     with us to class on the day of the test. Unfortunately, I live off 
     campus, catch the bus to school, and have a class right before yours 
     that requires me to bring my book. Therefore, I have to bring my 
     backpack to school. What am I supposed to do with my belongings during 
     your test?

Belongings can be left at the front of the room, but you may not feel secure about that, and I certainly do not relish the thought of being sued if your backpack with $10,000 rolex is stolen, so in the last analysis, you have to take responsiblility for your belongings.

So, I guess my response is you need to figure out a way to safeguard your belongings while at the same time keep them inaccessible. Perhaps an aisle seat where you can put your backpack next to you, but at the same time, clearly out of the way. Your job to secure it. My job to be sure it is not accessible during the exam.

Does that work?

Yale Patt