A student writes:

     hello Dr. Patt.

     I was wondering a few things...
        1.  when will the test be graded

As soon as we can get it done.

     2.  will there be a curve to the test

What is this word "curve"?

3.  what are the usual outcomes of the first test

Most freshmen have had little experience actually studying for understanding, as opposed to memorizing for barf back. As a result, most students usually do not do as well on the first test as they are able to, once they develop their ability to study. So, if this class is the same as past ones, the grades will be somewhat lower than what I expect to see on the second exam and the final.

     sorry for being annoying.

Not a problem.

     << name withheld to protect the annoying one >>

        ps  you said you didn't belive in memorization,
        but the first part consisted of definitions.

Yup. But, you may have noticed two things. First, you saw how few points they are worth. And, second, it turns out that those definitions were terms that you probably did not memorize by committing a list to memory, but rather remembered because they fit nicely within the body of knowledge you are developing.

Also, putting a few of them on the exam was my way of allowing students to get a few answers on the paper, so you all could relax a bit before the interesting challenges started. Should I have left them off the exam?

Enjoy Friday's discussion section, where you will be introduced to the LC-3 Simulator/Assembler/Debugger. Then have a great weekend.

See you in class on Monday.

Yale Patt