A student writes:

     Dr. Patt,
      I am very worried about my grade in your class, I am not doing 
     very well with college's study habits. Up until now I have just 
     been attempting everything on my own because, like many EE's, 
     my social skills aren't the best. Are there any resources that 
     you could recommend where I could go to find a good study group 
     to join? I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks so much, 

        << name withheld to protect the failing >>

I decided to share this one with all of you, since there may be others in the same situation. By the way, his signature came from him, not me. I would never suggest that he is failing after the first exam, since there is plenty of time for him to get his act together and do well. But that means recognizing the problem, which he seems to be doing and then doing something about it, which he also seems to be doing. So, there is hope.

I understand that it is a little intimidating to stand up in the middle of a class of 400 students and say, "Who will take me into their study group?" and I do not expect that. I was hoping you all would connect via the FIGs and the dorms, etc. In his case (and presumably in some others), it has not happened yet.

I think the thing to do at this point is to send email to your TA, asking if the he/she can try to find others in the same situation. Please also send email to Basit (bsheikh@ece.utexas.edu) between now and class on Wednesday. I am asking him to collect a master list of those who are not in study groups but now want to be. The TAs and I will look at the set of requests, and see what we can do to help. No promises, we can not force arranged marriages, but we will try.

Your email should list:

1. Your name
2. Your living situation (at your parents' home, dorm name, apartment, etc.)
3. Your discussion section and TA's name
4. Any serious constraints on when you can meet as a study group that would affect being a part of a study group.

Good luck with the rest of the course.

Yale Patt