A student writes:

     Dr. Patt,
     I am supposed to go to one of the study
     sessions on tuesday or thursday
     of next week but i have other classes
     from 2-5 that i can not miss.  Should i
     just go to any of the other study sessions
     or would you rather me go to a
     particular one depending on my grade.  
     I made a 64, so i dont know if i am
     more qualified to go to the one on monday
     and wednesday, or friday.

     << name withheld to protect the student who made a 64 on the first exam >>

Actually, this problem occurred to us after class today. Sure wish it had occurred to me before class, so I could have corrected it then.

So, let's do the following:

Monday, Tuesday for students who did very badly on the midterm.

Wednesday, Thursday for students in your category; that is not above 80 on the midterm, but also not below the 30/40 range.

Friday, for those who were above 80 and do not really need the chance to catch your breath.

Room numbers will be posted very soon.

See you next week in one of the discussions, and I will see everyone together again on Monday, October 25.

Good luck with the rest of the course.

Yale Patt