A student wrote to the TA. The message was forwarded to me:

     > Hi *******,  this is << name withheld >> from your discussion section.
       > I just realized a major problem: I failed to turn in the programming
       > assignment on time.  I've had it done for about two weeks actually,
       > I just never logged on and submitted it. Is there any way to recover
       > partial credit despite this stupid mistake? I have not talked to
       > anyone about the program either before or after the deadline; it
       > just came to me a few minutes ago that it had been due (after I
       > read Linda's email concerning the 2nd programming assignment).  
       > Although it is probably too much of a hassle for the TA's, and
       > possibly not acceptable, I would be willing to redo some sort of
       > equivalent program (if there are worries about other people
       > having talked to me about the program). Thanks, any advice you could
       > give me on this matter is appreciated.
       > << name withheld >>

I am instructing my TAs to give the student a 0 on this assignment. Given the email above, I considered giving the student a -100 on the programming assignment, but decided not to.

I will add no further comment here.

Yale Patt