A student writes:

     Hi Dr. Patt,

     Is there any way to know our program grade? Will the TAs show/give
     us our grades during discussion sessions on Friday, like they passed
     back problem sets? I understand that grades might usually be either
     a 0 or a 100, but what if you or one of your ta's that happens to be
     grading the program finds a case where the program doesn't execute
     as it's supposed to, causing you to deduct a few points. What if we
     have many of such "small" mistakes? Is there any way that we can
     find out what our grade is?

     Thank you,
     << name withheld to protect the Superworrier >>

Your grade will be emailed to you (sometime in the next couple of days) with a breakdown of which test cases your program worked for and which cases it didn't work for.

Many grades are not 0 or 100, since many programs will work for some cases, but not for what we call the "corner cases," cases that are not immediately obvious.

We will email your grade to whatever email address you used when you signed onto the submission page.


Yale Patt