A student writes:

     Hello Professor Patt

        I have been aware that in your course descprition packet
        it states that there is a test coming up next week.  
        Though there have not been any announcements
        of a study session that you may hold or any practice
        exams on the website.  Is this because there will be
        niether of these things for the second exam or has
        it been postponed?
        Thank you
        << name withheld to protect the hopeful one >>

Ah, the wishful thinking of youth!

The reason the course descriptor states there will be an exam on November 10 is because (ready for this): There will be an exam on November 10.

Yes, there will be an extra review session before the second exam (if you want it), and yes we will post the second exam from the last time I taught 306 -- we plan to do that before the weekend.

Yale Patt