A few students have sent this mail to me. Ergo,

       Good afternoon, Dr. Patt! :-)
       It is my understanding that we have a survey and picture due next class
       period. I have the picture all taken care of, but was wondering where
       I get the survey, or if the one we filled out in our discussion
       period is the one you referred to, in which case we would just turn
       in a picture to you on the 8th?
       Please let me know.
       << name withheld to protect the ************** >>

No. What you filled in in discussion on Friday was information about the remedial class. What I want you to turn in tomorrow in class is the student information sheet that is on the class web site under Announcements, with a photo, as you correctly understand.

See you in class.

Yale Patt

ps. You do know that in COLLEGE, it is uncool to skip class when you don't have the assignment ready to turn in. That worked in high school, not here.