A student writes:

     Dr Patt,

     I'm sorry to bother you with this ,but I tried every password
     that I thought would be my password and it doesn't seem to work.
     I was wondering if there was anyway you could e-mail me my
     password,so that I may summit my program?

First, you should know that I do not have any student's password. Not something I ever want to collect, or be responsible for. That's your job. My password -- that's my job.

Second, I need you to do three things:

1. Send the files specified in the Programming Assignment to lynch@ece.utexas.edu. We will figure out whether to accept it, and if we do, what penalty to assign later.

2. Tell me how many points I should deduct from your grade on this assignment for forgeting your password. Or, do I just need to give you a zero on the assignment in order to get you to take these simple tasks seriously? This is the the 3rd programming assignment!

3. I don't mean to sound unsympathetic. I just do not understand. Please help me understand why you can not remember your password.

Yale Patt