A student writes:

     i really really did forget my password plz
     take this in the form of an email

     << triangle.asm file included in his email >>

     << name withheld to really really protect the guilty >>

I understand that you really really did forget your password. What I do not understand is: Why?

If the only password you can come up with is one that you will forget, then write the thing down. I understand you have been taught to never write down a password. But, I also know that a password that you can not remember without writing down is useless, UNLESS you do write it down.

Yale Patt

ps. If you do forget your password, AND until you wear out your welcome, if you email Linda or Danny, they can reset your account, and you can then log in and give yourself a new password. ...which I guess you can then proceed to forget so you can write to them again.