A student writes:

     Dear Dr. Patt:

     I was just wondering if you were planning on posting
     the solutions to the old exam 2 on your site.  Thanx.


     Your gonna make up a nickname anyways..so whats the point...

Thank you for saving me the energy to come up with a nickname. But, I came up with one anyway. But, now I can save it for another student message.

Actually, we have been trying to decide whether or not to post them, since we think it may be more useful for you to try to work them out yourself. PLEASE do not take this comment as an invitation to send me email telling me how you do try, but then you like to compare what you did with the actual solutions. (We MIGHT post them tomorrow night.)

Good luck on the exam. Review session at 8pm in WCH 1.120.

Yale Patt