A student writes:

     Again, like everyone else, allow me to appoligize for this late night
     e-mail. Frankly, part of my writing it is due to the fact that I saw
     you respond to an e-mail 10 minutes ago (at 2 AM).

Yeah, I know I should have ignored it, but what can I say: my Mother's upbringing.

     Anyway, my question is quite
     simple (hopefully). I was wondering what information would
     be provided on the exam.

My answer is equally simple (hopefully): everything we think you will need to do the exam that we did not want you to memorize.

     Last exam, a bitwise table of the LC-3 opcodes was provided. This
     exam, will that be provided? And will Tables A.2 and A.3 in the book,
     Trap Services Routines and Device Register Assignments, be provided
     (not necessarilly the text explanation, but the mere vectors or
     addresses and their corresponding names)?

Anything like that we think you will need we will provide.

     Call me lazy, but I do not wish to waste time
     (and part of my valuable three sheets of paper) copying
     information that will be provided.

     I understand completely if you do not repsond to this in
     time and will copy the charts down tomorrow I suppose.

I would rather you used the time to sleep or study.

     Thanks a lot,
        << fill in some random, derogatory name here >>

Another one who denies me my creative energy!

Good luck on the exam.

Yale Patt