Dr. Patt:

     First, I know that the test is
     already over and the only actual test we have
     left in your class is the Final,
     but I still feel the need to ask you this
     question: Are there answers to the homework in
     the book anywhere, or even
     supplemental questions with answers anywhere? I found 

Yes, the McGraw-Hill web site for my book. You can click on it from my home page.

     that when studying for
     your previous test, it helped me a
     great deal to just go through your programs
     step by step and figure out what exactly
     was happening, and to go through the
     program examples in the problem sets. I realize
     that putting answers to the
     problem sets somewhere at this point in time
     is stupid because we still have
     problem sets due after this, but perhaps
     after everything has been turned in
     you could post all the answers to the
     problem sets somewhere. Now this is
     assuming that there actually is a hard copy of
     the exact answers to these
     problem sets, which i know is a
     big assumption. I just feel that it would be
     beneficial to myself and many other students to have
     a way to check their
     results if they so needed to. I 

Again, see the McGraw-Hill web site. We have posted answers to all odd-numbered questions in the book.

     also realize that answers to the problem sets
     are provided in TA sessions, but I
     feel that there are quite a few more good
     questions in the rest of the book that
     could be used as supplemental material.

     Also, are you a big NFL football fan?
     I've noticed that you use a lot (well, a
     few) of football examples in your lectures
     and me, being a gigantic Pittsburgh
     Steelers fan, feel inclined to ask you this question.

I prefer college football, where the game is less (although unfortunately not too less) of a business. But, sure, I think I have heard of the Steelers. Didn't a fellow named Lynne Swann play for them once. ...and the OTHER Giuseppi Verdi -- the one who did not write any music-- play for them?

     Take it easy,

     << insert witty/clever name here if you feel so inclined >>

Nope, I am too tired. Too little sleep last night, polishing the exam. ...and still we gave you NOT R0, R0, R0. ...and confused TRAP x23 with TRAP x21. Maybe tomorrow after I have had some sleep.

Good luck with the rest of the course.

Yale Patt