Apparently, the registrar has been sending out email:

     Hello Professor Patt

     I was looking at my final exam schedule that the registrar
     sent me through e-mail.  I noticed that they said there will
     be a final exam for 309K on December 14 from 7-10 pm.  How will
     this exam be set up differently from the class exam on December 10?  
     Or should I not be worried about that right now?

     Thank You
     << name withheld to protect one from too many finals >>

There will be no final exam in 309K. The purpose of 309K is strictly to help you master the material in 306. Your grade Pass/Fail will be based solely on your attendance, energy, and not involve any examinations.

Final exam week is for forgetting about 309K and focusing on the final exam in 306.

Good luck with it.

Yale Patt