Recall our discussion in class today. As Linda said, "We should talk about it and get back to you." So, we have and I am.

The regrade process will be exactly as I stated in class today. (If you were not in class today, you might want to ask someone who was.)

We will provide regrades for Programs 1,2,3, and 4, with the provisos that I stated in class.

If you want a regrade on any of the first four programs, you must see your TA with the corrected hardcopy and email by the following date:

Program 1: Friday, November 19.
Program 2: Tuesday, November 23.
Program 3: Monday, November 29.
Program 4: Friday, December 3.

The 5th program is due on December 3. We are not able to offer regrades for that, since it would violate University policy of having class work carry over into the final exam period. Therefore, you should take extra care that you don't make the careless mistake that turns a 90 into a 0.

Good luck.

Yale Patt