the grades for pa2 were sent out this morning to the email address that you registered with the submission website. since we were having a hard time coming up with a fair way of determining/assigning partial credit, each test case was "all or nothing." the rationale here is that if there is a minor bug or two that causes your program to switch a couple of the characters, then you will probably get most of the points back on a regrade anyway.

if you got a low score due to a couple of small mistakes, please follow the regrade policy that was discussed in class. regrades for pa2 are due tuesday, november 23.

if you got a message that says "Error running program for test x," this probably means that our simulator timed-out for one of two reasons:
1. your program went into an infinite loop somewhere, or
2. your program did not have a HALT (TRAP x25) instruction

if you are simply missing a HALT instruction, a regrade will allow you to get the majority of the points back.

if you did not receive an email with your grade or you have any questions about the grading, please let me know.