after reading my first email about a typo in the starter code, a student writes:

     I believe that I have found another typo, perhaps I'm doing something
     incorrectly, but when I use the DISPLAY_SCORE subroutine as supplied I get the
     Score Player 1: 0Score Player 1:0
     I believe that line 114 should read
     instead of
     my apologizes if I am the one that is mistaken

the one who should be appologizing is me. you are absolutely correct. i thought we fixed this typo before we posted the code, but apparently not.

the starter code on the website has been fixed, so please either download the code again or make the fix in your copy of the code. the middle of the DISPLAY_SCORE subroutine should be as follows: ADD R0, R0, R7 ; create the ASCII for first player's score TRAP x21 ; output it LEA R0, DS_OTHER_STRING TRAP x22 ; print out the second part of the score string LD R0, SCORE_PLAYER_TWO

hopefully this will be the last of the typos. good luck with the program!